The Burnt Lands

Written by quontom - April 26, 2017

The Burnt Lands

[ 6 months after the Breaking ]



This region borders the east side of Bastion -at least what is left of the former capital. The Burnt Lands was affected by the fallout from the Fire Core. Ever day the fallout afflicts the region more and more. Making it extremely hazardous.


The land has grown more harsh, drier, warmer and stale. The sky a concoction of warm colors throughout the day fading to grays and blacks, like a piece of burned wood. A horizon consisting of ruined buildings, rigid landscape and withering trees. Plant life with sharp leaves, spines and brittle bark. Few animals were able to adapt and survive these changes. The few that have are..




Cinderfall Forest [NORTH]


Formerly a thick forest teaming with life. The catastrophe of the Breaking caused most trees to be uprooted or severed. Wildlife that grazed on the plant-life flocked there, along with their predators. Without new growth resources quickly diminished. Some animals continued northwest into the marshes, others still scrape out of a living.


Wolfcrag Barrens [CENTRAL & SOUTH]


The majority of the Burnt Lands bordering Bastion is the Wolfcrag Barrens. Named for its hash landscape and high population of Ember Wolves. This area was previously grassland with rolling hills and rushing streams. After the Breaking tectonic movement pushed the hills into sharp peaks or fissures. Rushing streams were rerouted, what little water dripped in from the east was tainted with ash and debris. Creatures native to the Burnt Lands can survive off this, though it is toxic to outsiders.


Other areas yet to be discovered [EAST]


         Scorched Rabbit: Critters of the Burnt Lands

Written by quontom - April 16, 2017


One of the very few remaining critters of the Burnt Lands that isn’t hostile to humans. These little guys have survived because of their incredible takeoff speed and ability to hear danger from quite a distance. With the mutations that happened since the Breaking these little guys also leave a small trail of flame behind them, a deterrent for a predator to keep chasing them.


Scorched Rabbits feed of the sparse vegetation that remains in the Burnt Lands. Barely enough to keep them going. After the Breaking their ancestors the rabbit had a dramatic decline. The rise of the Ember Wolf sent their population into a freefall.


Fortunately due to their frequent and somewhat habitual breeding habits the Scorched Rabbit was born and adapted to the new world. Their bodies much stronger and less fatty than their predecessors. The Scorched Rabbits now are slowly bouncing back!

         E-SUIT Battery

Written by quontom - April 15, 2017



The revolution in technology before the Breaking. The battery consists of a series of crystals known as sanctus crystals. Their source is currently unknown, thus the crystals are extremely rare. Rumor is they are reside somewhere underneath the city of Bastion. Possibly the uncharted catacombs or someplace new. Their location was kept top secret thanks to the blunder with the E-SUIT’s predecessor, the Delta Suit.


The E-SUIT battery resides in the chest piece of the suit covering the wearer’s heart. When the E-SUIT is activated the energy from the crystals is sent into the user’s heart. From the heart energy is pumped throughout the body with improvements across the board, from enhanced speed, strength, endurance and even unique abilities.


These abilities are as unique as the person wearing the suit, with no one person matching another. Often they are related to the person’s preference. For example someone who practices parkour may gain wall climbing or a shield user a protective field. Medics have used the suits to heal the ill and yet others have created arcane projectiles.


The crystals automatically regenerate their energy when inactive from the planet’s natural energy.

         Ember Wolves: Elite Hunters of the Burnt Lands.

Written by quontom - April 13, 2017


It been 6 months since the Breaking. Fallout from the core far to the east of Bastion has mutated these creatures, causing them to be extremely hostile, even to their own kind. Ember wolves dominate the region east of Bastion, the Burnt Lands. They desperately compete with other packs for food and land. The right to survive.


These beasts are significantly more powerful than the wolves before the Breaking. Ember wolves claws glow bright like heated melt and their spit is boiling hot. Their hunger and relentless to hunt is insatiable.


Ember wolves serve only only two masters, their direct alpha or the Packmother, Mongra.

         Unlimited Story featured on Telmundo!

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Eduardo and Mark were featured on Telemundo in Milwaukee, April 6, 2017. We were very excited to be part of the program and share out story.


Check all the full article and video at their site. You may want to use the Translate button.


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         Prologue Video Release

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Great news hit YouTube with the release of the Unlimited Story: Broken Lands’ Prologue narrated and animated for your enjoyment. Please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to Join the story and follow up on next releases.


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         Unlimited Story makes the local paper!

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We made the news!


Great news everyone! The Lake Geneva Regional News did a great article on us and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.


Every step forward put us closer and closer to our goal! Check out the article, check it out here.


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         Kade and Ember Wolves

Written by ejviper - February 28, 2017

Unlimited Short Stories are here! From time to time, we’re having special short pieces that revolve around the Universe of Unlimited Story.

This time Kade has a tale for us you can go here and read the 1st Original short story: Kade and the ember wolves

         Tweet from KadeUnlimited

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#Oscar2017 got plenty of good stories nominated. I’m more into the #scifi #adventure kind. The epic tales are my thing.

         Get it on: Amazon!

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